Ron Bernstein, Chief Ambassador LonMark International Ron-Bernsteing-Head-ShotMr. Bernstein is President of RBCG, LLC providing consulting services to organizations needing help navigating their energy and automation strategy. RBCG provides building automation standards, specification development support, educational program development, business management consulting, and facility master planning for end users, integrators, and vendor. He also holds the position of LonMark Chief Ambassador supporting the non-profit association with strategic planning, industry stewardship, and management of a team of ambassadors worldwide. In his role as the Senior Director of Commercial Programs and Business Development for Echelon Corporation he focused on energy management and open solutions for energy efficient control networking. He helps organizations implement technologies and solutions based upon open, proven, multi-application control networks. Mr. Bernstein recently completed a 5 year assignment as the Executive Director and CEO of LONMARK International. In this role, he was responsible for the direction and activity of LONMARK worldwide and worked directly with the board of directors, regional affiliates, LMI staff, and the membership to continue developing LONWORKS open standards, provide educational programs, and grow the LONWORKS presence in the market. He created the Ambassador program for LonMark International supporting the organization through education, outreach, and stewardship. Prior to joining LonMark International he spent 14 years with Echelon Corporation in a variety of roles focusing on control systems in building automation, transportation, industrial process control, and home automation. He was the Channel Manager for Echelon’s integration business, focusing on network integration in the buildings market with LONWORKS. Ron is a founding board member and prior Vice Chairman of LONMARK Americas, and has been the LONMARK Education Committee Chair, where he worked with a team to develop open specifications and help people understand how to successfully implement open building control systems. He has extensive experience in the architecture, specification, and integration of open, interoperable, multi-vendor control systems. He has helped organizations such as the Army Corps, NASA, The State of California, NYC Schools, Rice University, Stanford University, Bank of America, The Limited, Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, Masdar City, and hundreds of others define the foundation for energy cost savings through system integration using LonWorks as the core of an open, interoperable system architecture. He has given lectures around the world on the topic of building controls, open systems, specification development, master planning, energy savings, and intelligent buildings initiatives. Mr. Bernstein is currently a Director of the Smart Buildings Institute, an advisory member of the City University of NY Building Performance Laboratory and has been a staff instructor for the APPA Institute of Higher Educational Facility Managers where he taught classes on building integration and efficiency. He is an adviser to Carnegie Mellon University’s Architecture Department’s projects on building energy efficiency and is on the board of advisers for ICEBO (the International Conference on Enhanced Building Operations), and the Mt San Antonio College Curriculum Committee. His guest lecturing history includes ASME, ASHRAE, BOMA, LonWorld, BuilConn, RealComm, Georgetown Univ., Carnegie Mellon Univ., Boston Univ., Duke University, Army Corps of Engineers, ICEBO, and many others. He is a published author having co-authored the latest edition of “The LonWorks Installation Handbook” published July 2010, was the Editor in Chief of the LonMark Magazine, and has written numerous articles appearing in a variety of industry trade publications and is currently working on a new book about industry best practices and principles of building control systems. He is currently serving on the ASHRAE GPC-13 committee supporting an industry standard guide specification development project for building integration and automation. He is a member of the CEA R7 Standards Committee for Building and Home Automation, and is the founding member of the EASI (Enterprise App Standard Interface) initiative developing an open, simple interface model for automation system front end applications. Prior to Echelon, Mr. Bernstein was an engineer and manager at Sharp Microelectronics’ Digital Image Processing Group focusing on automation and control systems for process controls. Prior to that, he spent 7 years as an engineer and manager in the robotics, image processing, and automation industry. Mr. Bernstein holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineer from Carnegie Mellon University and two Masters Degrees in varying fields of psychology. He is the Chair of HeartReach San Diego, a non-profit outreach charity. He currently resides in San Diego, CA.